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Our original site, Antique Iron, the first web site on the Internet devoted to offering true antique iron beds, grew from our appreciation of fine antiques. We believed that the character, charm and old-world crafstmanship found in beds produced in the late 1800's would bring another hundred years of enjoyment to modern owners. It's been our pleasure to have played a role in bringing these old treasures into our customer's homes.

Over the years, we've listened to your requests for the styling of the old beds at a price that didn't include paying for antiquity. As most desirable antiques are one-of-a-kind or very limited in numbers, it became clear that to meet the demand, we needed to find products that would meet or beat our standards for excellence.

We are very particular as consumers and resisted moving into the reproduction market. Our concerns were that the quality of workmanship wouldn't match the old originals. Add to that, there has been a glut of inferior iron beds imported from overseas markets. You've all seen those examples in stores; they wobble if you just look at them. The high quality of many automobiles made overseas is undeniable. That rule does not apply to beds.

The American Iron Bed Company was created to offer our customers the finest American-made iron beds available. Years of research went into our quest to find the manufacturing techniques we felt comfortable with. Whether you choose from our reproductions or any of our collections, you can be assured they have all passed our tests for perfect marks in design, construction and beauty.

Our offices are located in Los Angeles, thirty minutes from the factories that build our beds. This allows us to personally oversee every single order, directly at the factory level. When you buy from us, it's like having your own production manager following your order.

We take great pride in the products we provide and the way we do business. But don't take our word for it, pick up the phone and call us.

The American Iron Bed Company
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"I love the look of my iron bed." "It's just perfect for the bungalow I purchased in Cape Cod." "It truly was first class service all the way!" "We received our "Sweetie" Bed and it is just fabulous!!!"
The factory of Hard Mfg. Co. Buffalo, NY in 1906.
What's all the fuss about American-made iron beds?
It began in the mid 1800's when America was producing the finest quality iron bed frames the world over. The quallity of iron produced here was superior to that made in Europe. Thicker walled iron tubing and strong castings produced bedsteads as solid today as a they were a century ago. Each foundry proudly created their own designs, often taking several days to produce a single frame.They employed artisans to create highly crafted castings that rendered each iron bed a work of art.

Iron frames surged in popularity over more expensive brass and wood beds. Manufacturers enjoyed profitable sales until an unexpected development: World War 1. Armament for the war put tremendous pressure on our country's need for metal, and the production of iron beds ceased in 1915.

Fifty years passed and American interest in iron bed styles of the Victorian age was rekindled. The 70's television show, Love American Style, helped to spark consumer interest. Recognizing the demand, American entrepreneurs brought Victorian craftmanship into the modern age by reproducing the old iron beds, using the same proven methods as their 19th Century predecessors. The adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applied.
The salesmen of Hard Mfg. Co.
American iron craftsmen of today continue the art of producing the finest iron bed frames. Continue using thicker walled iron tubing and pouring metal castings for strength equal to our, now, antique bedsteads. Continue replicating Americana as well as creating new and exciting designs for the contemporary home.

The American Iron Bed Company is very discerning about the products we represent. Because of our belief in the superior quality of American-made iron beds, we sell only original antique iron beds, reproductions and contemporary designs made in the USA. That's insurance for you, our customer, that you're getting the best quality iron bed available.
Continuing the art of the American Cast Iron Bed

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